The Beauty of Maquia

A story of encounters and partings interwoven between people; this is a human drama with feelings that touch one’s heart gradually, which everyone has experienced at least once.

Director: Mari Okada


There are very few anime movies that comes very close to the realistic beauty of a live action and Maquia is definitely one of them, the beauty of this anime is so breathtaking that for a moment I forgot that I was watching an anime and with such an amazing and heartfelt story it was hard to get this movie out of my head even after watching it multiple times. The story is about a fifteen years old girl Maquia who raises a human child as her own with the biggest problem being that they ages very differently as Maquia who is an Iorph ages very slowly as compared to humans and so it becomes more interesting as the story progresses and Ariel(her son) grows older and Maquia stays the same and the way their relationship transforms from there on.

At its core it’s a story of motherhood and the difficulties one faces which is shown with such innocence that crying becomes inevitable and I cried more times than I would love to admit. One thing which is common in most of the anime is the innocence of characters and the way they deal with some very serious issues with that innocence. In case of this movie it’s the innocence of Maquia who despite being just 15 years old herself raises a child and learns how to be a good mother.
The story as amazing as it is does have a flaw and its the pacing, don’t get me wrong the story does seem to have a stable pacing but it’s the time gap which causes problems, as they doesn’t show some things on screen and expects us to fill the gap which can be very annoying at times but except that it’s a gorgeous movie just keep your tears in check.



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