The character arc of Miles Morales

This movie was probably the biggest surprise of 2018 I genuinely didn’t expected it to be this good, the story was great, the soundtrack was something I still can’t get out of my head and the new innovative comic-esque animation was just gorgeous. But the reason I loved this movie is the character arc of Miles Morales which to me is one of the best superhero arcs I’ve seen. Throughout the movie the way Miles develops as a character struggling to keep up to the expectations of everyone is very genuine and relatable.

Spoilers Alert

At the start of the movie we were introduced to Miles Morales, a teenager who admires Spider-Man, struggles to adjust to his elite boarding school and live up to the expectations of his parents especially his father. So even from the start when he was just a regular teenager he had big expectations from his family and the only one who seems to understand him is his uncle Aaron who believe in him and helps him time to time. I couldn’t get the image but there is a scene where his uncle helps him draw a graffiti in a subway with the word expectations laying heavy on a small kid, it looked great and it perfectly translates the way Miles was feeling at that time and that was just the beginning as shortly after drawing that graffiti he was bitten by the radioactive spider.

One of the most famous dialogue from Spider-Man is that “With great power comes great responsibility” it not only stands true for Spider-Man but it’s also true for most of the superheros. Let us take an example of Iron Man in which after building the Iron Man suit (Mark I) and learning the truth about the weapon he was making and how they were used to kill innocent peoples and he felt responsible for that and that’s the point where Tony Stark became Iron Man. Most of the superhero movies follows the same direction the protagonist gets his/her powers and feels that it’s his/her responsibility to help others and that’s when he/she truly becomes a superhero, but this movie takes a different approach which is “With great power comes great expectations”, even though Miles just got his powers a few days ago and the fact that he’s just a kid didn’t matter to any of the Spider-people and everyone kind of expected him to be good at it. The most important thing in this movie is a USB drive which the original Spider-Man gave to Miles which can disable the accelerator and save city but Miles accidentally breaks it while trying to master his newly gained super powers because let’s face it he’s a newbie. No one is perfect which is also true for superheros but everyone have great expectations from them, they believe the superheros are perfect and that’s what makes them super and so that’s how superheros were portrayed in movies until recently as now we’re seeing more realistic superhero movies a trend which was started with The Dark Knight, and that’s why I liked Miles character arc as it explores more of the imperfect parts of him.

Like every superhero this one also have a point of total desperation and loss after which he truly becomes a superhero which is the revelation that his uncle is the Prowler and his ultimate death which pushes miles to that point, this was also the point where he intentionally uses his powers and controls it to some level. After that he goes to Aunt May for a Spider-Man suit which he spray-paints black to match his persona and finally he takes the leap of faith and of course at the end saves the day. This was a quite different approach for a superhero movie and I loved it and yes I definitely recommend watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? Comment down below!

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